It’s not just about serving champagne with a smile, it’s about creating the right atmosphere and an unforgettable experience

-Simon Campbell, Owner, Vintage Flair


 The T2 Camper Van

Vintage Flair is a 1975 T2 Camper Van which took many months to hunt down.  With a running engine that takes me all around Ireland to festivals, weddings and corporate events the VW is more than just a mobile coffee van.  Capable of transforming for a Surf Festival on the west coast in the afternoon and then pulling up at a luxury 5 star hotel wedding the next day, Vintage Flair is something of a Chameleon and I have yet to encounter an event we can’t stand out in, in all the right ways!!!

The van started out as a regular VW Campervan which was modified by raising the roof, and one side folds down to form the counter. We’ve added a full size fridge, high quality coffee machine and some fairy lights for open air evenings!  Add to that the Toby Wagon, custom made Surf Board Menu and some supplies (see our suppliers HERE) and we are ready to hit the road.

Vintage Flair is a family run business staffed by experienced cocktail bar staff and baristas’. We are passionate about providing only the best, high quality products with a service to match.  We’re currently the only service of our kind in Ireland and proud to bring you an experience like no other!